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supposedly i am "the smartest person on earth"?
i joined art club but haven't gone yet.
prolly going tuesday and will proceed to buy the smallest/cheapest pumpking possible and still carve it.

even though it's stupid, here is a bit about me (art related):
i love photography and have been doing it since 8th grade.
i love mixed media art and crazy beautiful shit.
sometimes i want to design clothes.
dave mckean (not official site but best collection) and robert & shana parkeharrison are my favourite artists. dave mckean is my ABSOLUTE favourite, though.
seeing art by yoshitaka amano makes me want to cut off my hands because i know i'll never be that good.
i love absolut vodka ads.
my plan for life thus far is to become a graphic designer (probably via LCC unless i somehow by some ultimate miracle gain a scholarship to go somewhere better, but lane is still excellent, so i don't really mind).
i have found that sharpies color excellently well when you want something to be colored evenly.
i love japan and miss it very much (exchange trip last summer) and took over 1000 photographs while there, especially while in kyoto.

and since it's late and i had very little sleep last night and can't seem to think of anything else to say (which is probably a good thing) i think i'll leave it at that. though it should be noted that even though i love japan and the language, i'm not an anime freak. some (read: little) of it is good and has incredible art, and i acknowledge these. but that's all, really.
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