Space Cadet Michelle (nooget_crumamba) wrote in tupac_artclub,
Space Cadet Michelle


Hey this is Michelle, that one asian girl that's really loud and really short? Anyways I was told that there is an art show tommorow in the bathroom, or I should submit art to some art show that's soon or something along the lines by Huck. So I have 4 questions and I figured this would be a good place to ask.
Is this really happening tommorow or is Huck Mulligan a no-good-filthy-liar?
If I'm not a member of art club/haven't attended any of the meetings can I still submit art?
Is there anyway I can submit it tommmorow morning/where/what time?
And lastly, is this good enough to enter? :/

Painting on canvas with smashed up aol cds..

Oh Chad. Robot made out of painted boxes, screws, bottle caps, and coat hangers. +++++ IF YOU PRESS A BUTTON IT MAKES ROBOT NOISES. YA IT DOES.

♡Le end.♡
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